About Us


Our rodent control program is designed to eliminate any current infestations in your home, as well as to prevent any future rodent populations from entering the structure. Rodent control requires a multi-faceted approach every time. The most important step in a control program is the initial inspection, which can help determine:

  • Entry points
  • Nest areas
  • Feeding locations
  • Paths of travel

We will place rodent trapping devices in discreet areas where rodent activity has been identified. We systematically seal up identified entry points to lock out the exterior population, and to drive any remaining rodents inside the structure into our traps.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service at reasonable prices in the
Los Angeles County and Orange County
Using our highly trained technicians we comprehensively trap rodents and other wildlife from your property, rodent proof, and clean up attics and crawlspaces.
We utilize humane live trapping in contrast with an industry that often uses harmful rodenticides.  Our work with rodent proofing is a highly effective ecologically friendly solution to your rodent issues.
Our strong customer service dedication is apparent in all of our jobs, where we put the needs of our customers first with timely response, commitment to answer all questions, and overall professionalism.
All and all we are trusted experts in making your home or business rodent free permanently.